LifeWave – non-transdermal patch technology

Nothing enters the body, no side effects. Used by professional athletes. LifeWave patches are cleared by the World Anito-Doping Agency.

LifeWave patches are an advanced form of phototherapy

Phototherapy is a field of science that describes impact of a light wave on a human body. Everyone knows that when we go out in the sun, a frequency of light causes our body to make Vitamin D. LifeWave patches work by reflecting infrared light frequencies in the body and allows to restore proper production of substances such as: glutathione (master antioxidant), carnosine (protein of longevity) or melatonine (sleep hormone). LifeWave patches do not emit any signal by themselves. They were specifically designed to passively reflect back into the body a portion of the electromagnetic frequencies that they are exposed to when placed on the body. A common analogy would be that of a mirror which reflects back visible light

How is a nanopatch designed?

Nanopatches contain a patented blend including amino acids, water, stabilized oxygen and photoactive substances reflecting a selected infrared light frequency. None of the material in the patch enters the body.

Why should you drink water while using Lifewave technology?

Lifewave technology is based on electricity flowing in the human body. Always drink plenty of water while wearing any LifeWave patch technology (1 or 2 glasses of water). Drinking water is particularly important when wearing the skin patch in order to flush toxins. Moreover, if you are dehydrated most of the biochemical processed in the body is stopped and entire nervous system communication is slowed down. Poor hydration is one of the reason why the product works less or not at all.

Why there are two colors of IceWave patches?

IceWave patches come in a set of two: one white and one tan. The white patch is positively charged and the tan patch is negatively charged. When used together, they move energy in the body. By placing the tan patch directly on the source of pain and white patch according to the suggested clock method, we improve energy flow and communication in damaged areas. Proper flow of energy is necessary for autoregeneration. What is more interesting, the nanopatch often works in cases where pharmacology is not able to help.

Do I need to be an expert in acupuncture?

NO! Suggested placement concerns these points on the human body where skin conductance is greater.  You do not have to be an expert in acupuncture to use Lifewave technology. However, you can achieve additional benefits by placing the patch on place associated with the internal organs described in protocols.

Properties of lifewave patches:

  • Reusable
  • You can bathe while using patches.
  • Once placed should be used for the same person (hygienic reasons).
  • Patches work only near the body or when exposed to sunlight.
  • One patch is effective for minimum 12 hours. This can be divided into shorter periods (e.g. 12 x 1 hour).
  • Manu users observe effects even after 18 hours from the application.
  • Lifewave products are not intended to disagnose or heal but are excellent for improving overall health.
  • Lifewave patches work 2-3 cm from the skin surface and can be attached directly onto your skin, clothing or even on a plaster cast (!)
  • No matter if you place the patch upside down, because the signal is sent in all directions.
  • No matter if you remove the half of the back cover protecting the sticky surface – all surface of the patch is active.
  • Patches are not addictive, no substance enters the body.
  • You cannot overdose.
  • You can combine patches in order to obtain effect of synergy and faster results.