LifeWave® technology was invented by an American scientist David Schmidt during his research for the US Army. The project aimed to invent a new medical technology that would increase energy level and reduce pain without the use of chemicals in a completely safe way.

After years of research, David Schmidt has developed the world’s first working prototype called “LifeWave Energy Enhancer“. It was a breakthrough combination of modern medicine, traditional Chinese acupuncture and the latest discoveries in nanotechnology. It resembled a small round electrode.

“Energy Enhancer” electrode does not require an external power source because it is activated by the human body heat. Immediately after application it starts to send a signal to activate the cells to regenerate their potential and increase the amount of energy produced therein.


First independent research on “Energy Enhancer” protyotype showed over 20% increase in fat burning and average increase of energy and endurance at the level of 25%! It was a remarkable result, especially when we realize that while wearing no chemical substance enters the body.

This information quickly spread the world of professional athletes and many of them began to use the product regularly beating their lifetime records. Today, all over the world, LifeWave® technology is used by professional athletes from the headlines such as David Beckham, Serena Williams, Ronnie Coleman, Olympic gold medal winners and anyone who wants to improve quality of life and increase energy level in a safe and natural way.

Shortly after the creation of “Energy Enhancer” nanopatch David Schmidt began work on another product. This time, his goal was to invent a product transmitting a signal that activates self-healing processes in the body and reduces pain.

This is how “IceWave” product was created. The first study showed that not only it supports the body in reducing even the strongest pain, but also powerfully helps to reduce inflammation, which is the source of health problems.


We are used to believe, that in order to improve our health we need to introduce something to our body – swallow a pill or take medicines. However, our body is the best-stocked pharmacy and chemical laboratory in the world. We have all the processes required to improve our health or increase level of energy. The only question is – how to activate them?

For hundreds of years, we know that a specific wavelength of light, causes very strong reactions in the human body. For example: when we go out in the sun, frequency of light will cause our body to produce vitamin D. This is a completely natural process without taking any pills! David Schmidt began to examine this phenomenon searching for what wavelength would activate production of Glutathione and Carnosine which are extremely strong health promoting substances.

LifeWave® technology uses this knowledge and in a similar way stimulates energy points of the body, which in traditional oriental medicine are called acupuncture points or meridians. Gently stimulating specific energy channels we improve the flow of energy and thus the whole communication system of our body.
LifeWave technology assists our body for better usage of powerful self-healing potential set inside our cells.


Acupuncture is a health care method based on traditional oriental medicine more than 5000 years old. A physician using acupuncture stimulates specific points on the body (meridians) by inserting very thin needles. This improves the flow of energy in our body and stimulates nervous system. The basis of acupuncture is to understand that our body is not chemical but electro-chemical. What activates bio-chemical processes in our body is the electric bond. Thus, the human energy system is a bigger mystery than scientists ever seemed.

There are 14 energetic channels in our body connected with particular organs. They create electrical system of the body.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) every disease is caused by an energetic blockage. In other words, if the signal from the nervous system is blocked, our cells do not receive full information on how to function correctly. This leads to the formation of pathological symptoms. Pain is one of the noticeable signals. If we unlock the signal from a given place, our body immediately begins to regenerate itself – pain and inflammation is immediately reduced.

LifeWave technology uses the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, improving the flow of energy in our body, but without the use of needles. Gentle stimulation of acupuncture points with LifeWave technology leads to equalization of the internal balance and improvement of the flow of energy.


Each nanopatch developed by David Schmidt contains a patented blend including amino acids, water, stabilized oxygen, and carbohydrates. Through the utilization of the latest discoveries in nanotechnology, we know that biological structure of amino acids is ordered in molecular antennas. Those antennas emit signal activating intercellular metabolic processes shortly after placing on the body.

MD Steven Haltiwanger, Health and Science Director in LifeWave, describes this technology as follows: „Electrodes created with LifeWave technology affect electro-magnetic properties of the human body. They act like a cellular radio to transmit bioelectric signals and enhance biological processes in cells”. LifeWave technology has been documented in more than 40 clinical studies, including double blind placebo controlled study and animal testing. Because while using LifeWave nanopatches no substance enters the body (patches are non-transdermal) the technology is totally safe.