INTERNANO specializes in providing products in the market which have as their objective the protection of health and improvement of human life’s comfort. Our aim is the continuous search of solutions based on the latest discoveries in the field of natural medicine and human nutrition. We promote only selected products that non-invasively, without poisoning our bodies make us healthier and stronger.

Consumption of medicines increases over the years. Effects of the pharmaceuticals are twofold very often. On the one hand, they prevent disease or signs of disease, on the other hand poison our body and cause other illness or complications. Within an aggressive expansion of pharmaceutical industry, everyone should have the choice and healthy alternative to the conventional medicine recommendations. One of our company’s key products is LifeWave technology.

LifeWave technology uses the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, improving the flow of energy in our body, but without the use of needles. Gentle stimulation of acupuncture points with LifeWave technology leads to equalization of the internal balance and improvement of the flow of energy.